SF8000 LED Grow Lights Foldable Replacement of 1000W HPS

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800W LED Grow Lights Foldable  Dimmable Grow Light Bar for Veg and Bloom

As the planting industry undergoes a reshuffling, the quality of flowers becomes more important, directly impacting the huge incomes of growers. SinoStar launched the most powerful spectrum to improve flower quality and help growers win the market at a critical time.

Using cool white and more 660nm, we can achieve high blue and high red spectrums and higher PPE lights. Higher blue light to get higher flower quality, and higher red to get bigger yields. We built this spectrum into SF8000 and SC8000, and we have already conducted tests with some growers. These LED grow lights outperform most current LED grow lights and 1000W DE HPS.

SF8000 produces 2080mol/s PPF and more than 1000mol/s/m2 PPFD above 18". Using this device, you can replace 1000W HPS, save 40% power and 40% less HVAC capacity, as well as get higher quality than HPS.

Maximum benefit for growers with this spectrum

we designed and tested this flowering spectrum for a long time with growers from the USA, it is the most powerful to improve flowering quality to date with CO² and room temperature controllable. It can really help growers to win business. The right spectrum can produce the maximum benefit, rather than using a certain brand of LED.

High Blue High-Quality Flowering

we put 20% blue light into the flowering spectrum, we are the first to use this spectrum in light bars. High blue light can expand leaf stomata, increase the saturation threshold of photosynthesis with high CO². More importantly, it can stimulate the secretion of plant-derived substances, to improve the quality of flowers. The growers who used MH to mix HPS for flowering should understand it.

High Red High Yield

we put 45%+ red light into the flowering spectrum, this is something few people do because the 660nm led is very expensive. we have to use almost half the quantity of white LEDs for 660nm LEDs so that red light can reach 45%+. High red can guarantee the maximum yield.

Optimal Green Saving power

Greenlight can pass through the canopy to the bottom of the tree, green light is very important for indoor plant growth. Too much green light wastes energy, too little green light doesn’t grow well under the canopy. We need to do many times testing with growers from the USA, so that can get the optimal green light.

High PPFD Using most Efficient LEDs

Cool white led is better than other color temperatures of white led on efficiency, and 660nm led is more efficient than a white led. We use many 660nm as red light and cool white as full spectrum led, so that can get high PPFD with the same watt of light. PPE value is not credible because of the large measurement error, and the PPFD value is almost the same even using different testing tools. PPFD and the rate of spectrum mainly affects plant growth on lighting.

Practice produces true knowledge

Before we launch the market in large quantities, we will go through the actual planting test with growers in the USA.


SPECTRUM SF800WPPFD CHART SF800Wcannabis grow lights sinostar lighting manufacturer china 8cannabis grow lights sinostar lighting manufacturer china 10cannabis grow lights sinostar lighting manufacturer china 11cannabis grow lights sinostar lighting manufacturer china 12cannabis grow lights sinostar lighting manufacturer china 7SIZE SF800W


Wattage draws at the wall: 

  • 820W on 120v
  • 800W on 240v

HPS equivalent: 1000 DE HPS 
Spectrum:  Full spectrum with 660nm deep red
PPF (light output): 2080 µmol/s
PPF/Watt: 2.6 µmol/j
Beam angle: 120°
Coverage area: 4' x 4' to 5' x 5' 
Mounting height: 6-24" above the canopy
Dimensions: 46.9” L x 43.3” W x 2.4” H
Cooling: Passive
Dimming: 0-10v
Operating temperature: -20°C to +45°C
Operating/input voltage: 110-277v AC
Amperage: 120V: 6.7A / 240V: 3.3A / 277V: 2.9A
Product weight: 26.5 lbs.
Recommended for: Home grows, Commercial grows, Grow rooms, Tents
Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years

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