LED shop light SPS

LED shop light SPS

SinoStar Lighting Linkable Shop Lights can be widely applied in garages, basements, workshops, entertainment rooms, storage rooms, warehouses, equipment rooms, industrial workstations, workspaces, It is an ideal choice for lighting.showrooms and other large areas requiring lighting.

These LED shop lights have an on/off pull chain at one side of the fixture and with adjustable single side wing. These fixtures are designed for wall mounting and have a plug-in cord that operates on 120-277 Volts with no need for hardwiring.

Linkable Single side LED shop lights help direct the light downward and just light up the area you desire to.

Linkable design, easy end-to-end plug-in connectors, attach up to 4 pcs at a light run to fulfill different lighting area requirements without the restriction of limited sockets.

Our 4 foot 36W shop lights are integrated with 240 high quality LED chips, 3600Lm, up to 50,000 hours service lifespan, providing even and well-balanced high-quality lighting output without glare and dark spots. Available in a range of lumens, wattage and length options, our high-performance shop lights are integrated LED arrays to eliminate any LED T8 tubes and ballast compatibility issues while still delivering years of quality light.

These series shop lights meet highest industry standard ETL listed and Energy Star certified for excellent product quality, does not contain any mercury, infrared, UV and other harmful chemical substances and radiations. Comes with standard 2 years warranty for extra assurance.

Our shop lights are ideal products to replace the existing old and dim fluorescent fixture installed above a workbench or hanging from the ceiling in the center of the space.

While fluorescent lights can be an adequate way to illuminate your garage, adding low watt, energy-efficient LED lighting is an easy way to improve your garage lighting without suffering a major increase in the electricity bill. It's important to have consistent color lighting throughout the space you intend to light. These light fixtures emit a 4000 Kelvin or 5000K light that has a color output similar to the white light emitted by clear metal halides lamps and is recommended for workspaces because it is specifically designed to reduce eye strain and create a productive work environment. All of our LED shop lights have a color rendering index -CRI Ra over 80. This is average for LED lighting and high enough for most utility and garage lighting applications that most individuals cannot tell the difference unless they are looking for it.

Using SinoStar's Linkable LED Shop Light can reduce energy use by as much as 65%. Improving energy efficiency can reduce emissions that contribute to global warming, mercury contamination in lakes, acid rain, and nuclear waste. Super BRIGHT light, SAVES energy and LOWERS electric costs.

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